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A light and airy appearance with extensive comfort. Its smooth, embracing curves make it a both inviting and sculptural design while the slender legs give it an elevated and refined look. The COCO  creates a new perspective on the traditional form with its rounded softness and gentle seat—a friendly design for any setting of the modern home, restaurant and workplace.


略帶弧度的人體工學椅面與椅背造型,經過縝密的算計,富有彈性的坐墊,給您最好的支撐與舒適度。俐落又穩固的纖細金屬腳造型,成為了COCO 最獨樹一幟的設計元素。搶眼卻又簡約的造型,無論是作為書桌椅、餐椅都適合,簡約中帶著瀟灑的個人風格,

(W) 50cm x (D) 56cm x (H) 80cm

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